Dream of: 21 August 2019 (3) "Neck Massage"

I am sitting on a couch and a specific woman whom I know (probably in her late 20s) is sitting next to me on my left. The brother of my ex-paramour is sitting at the other end of the couch. I put my hands on the woman's neck and start rubbing. I rub her hair. It feels good. She seems to like it, too.

 The brother of my ex-paramour finally lies down on the couch so that his head is toward me and his feet are at the other end of the couch. As I continue massaging the woman's neck, she moves around so that her head is lying on the floor while her lower body still remains on the couch. Her neck feels really good. I would like to be able to reach around and touch her breasts. She seems sweaty. I would like to stand up with her, accompany her into the bedroom, and lock the door.

I think, however, that my mother (1931-2014) is still in the house, and I do not know what she would think if the woman and I went into the bedroom together. I enjoy what I am doing now, but I would like more.

 Commentary of 22 August 2019

I am wondering whether my Dreammaker - when making my dreams - takes into consideration that I publish my dreams to the whole Facebook world.

All dreams contain beneficial messages. The message of this dream seems to be: Discretely reveal your mind.  

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