Dream of: 21 August 2019 (2) "Fergofeind"

While some other people and I are in a building which seems to be a college dormitory, I notice a bunch of lp record albums in one room and I decide to play some music. As I head to the next room to put on an album, I take note of a fellow sitting here, and I ask him if he wants to hear "Sweet Judy Blue Eyes." By that, I am asking him if he wants to hear the side of the album by Cosby, Stills, and Nash on which that song appears. The fellow does not respond, so I walk on into the room where the albums are and I start looking through them. I also think about putting on the blue album by Moody Blues.

 Finally I see an album I have never heard of called, "Fergofeind." Unsure what kind of music the album contains, I decide to put it on. I put on the album and it starts playing. It sounds as if it may be classical music. I am unsure yet whether I like it.

While the album plays, I walk back into the room where the fellow is. He is now sitting up in a bed with his eyes closed as if he is intently listening to the music.

Commentary of 22 August 2019

Sometimes a completely unfamiliar word will appear in my dreams: like "Fergofeind." I did not consciously create this word. It just simply appeared in my dream from another source. The word "feind" definitely seems to derive from the German word "Feind" which means "enemy." In short, to me, the word seems to mean something like "enemy of Fergus." Fergus makes me think of Ireland and James Joyce and literature. This inclines me to think of "Fergofeind" as meaning "an enemy of literature." That does seem like an interesting name for a musical group. I like it.

All dreams contain beneficial messages. The message of this dream may be: Consider the use of music to enhance language - and vice versa.

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