Dream of: 21 August 2019 "Threatening Balloons"

I have heard a little story about an incident which took place yesterday. Two groups of people were flying out in the country in two different hot air balloons. At first, two people were in each balloon, but then two people were only in one balloon, while only one person was in the other balloon.

The balloons descended to the earth and landed next to each other. The occupants met with each other for a short time and exchanged greetings. The balloons then ascended again. I am able to visualize the pleasant little scene in my mind of the two balloons landing out in the country. I could have also gone on one of the balloons, but something prevented me from going.

As I am visualizing this, I can actually see the balloons in miniature hovering in the air in front of me. I reach out my right hand and raise it up and down in an intimidating fashion toward the balloons. In a way, I seem to be a gigantic, primal monster as I raise my arm threateningly up and down over the balloons. I also make a threatening growl like, "Aaaarrrrgggg."

Commentary of 21 August 2019

Immediately when I awoke, the people in the balloons reminded me of members of a Facebook group called Dream Enthusiasts, even though I did not recognize any of the people in the balloons as being specific members of the group.

All dreams contain beneficial messages. The message of this dream seems to be: Be content with your primal nature - you are who you are.

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