Dream of: 20 August 2019 "Two Sides Of One House"

I am in a two-story house which appears to be on the northeast corner of Eleventh and Lincoln Streets in Portsmouth, Ohio. Michelle is living in the house, but only on one side. I have installed an outside door on the front of the side where Michelle is living.

The house appears to be divided down the middle - and the other side is empty. I now learn, however, that Michelle's friend, Kay, and Kay's many children, have moved into the other side of the house. As it now stands, there is a wooden door between the two sides of the house, but there is no lock or handle on the door. I now realize that I need to return later with tools and install a handle and lock on the door so that the two sides will be separated.  

Commentary of 21 August 2019

I just realized that I do not seem to have a symbol for Facebook in my dream-symbol treasury. I feel sure, however, that Facebook is having an impact on my dreams, and surely must be represented by a symbol in my dreams. Facebook is more and more a part of my daily routine. Facebook is my present means of communicating with the world.

All dreams contain beneficial messages. To me, the message of this dream seems to be: "Be impeccable in your relationship with people in the real world."

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