Dream of: 19 August 2019 "Taking A Shortcut"

While walking along a city street, I take a detour through an open gate of a fenced lot. As I pass into the concrete lot, I think this lot belongs to the electric company. Although I have a vague feeling that I should not be here, I nevertheless start walking across the lot. As I walk over several rows of speed bumps, something which seems like a magnetic force takes hold of me. I am immobilized and lifted into the air a short distance above the ground. Unable to move, I am held in the air. I am unsure what force has restrained me like this. I am in no pain, but am completely paralyzed.

Once the force stops, I descend to the ground and begin walking again. I now sense that someone has been watching me and has exerted the force on me. Clearly I was not supposed to cross this lot, however innocuous my action might have been. I now anticipate that I am going to have a problem here. I just want to tell someone that I was only taking a shortcut - that is my story at this point.

I continue walking to the other side. The area now looks more like a military installation - or perhaps an embassy. People on the other side are milling around the large gate which consists of metal bars. The gate is opened and a group of soldiers march through from outside into the lot. They look like strong men. One has a few whiskers which stick out from his face. I contemplate the life of a soldier and wonder what kind of man would dedicate his life to being a soldier.

A couple very tall, black men walk out of a small building which is sitting on the lot. They are dressed in beige military uniforms and are wearing beige hats. They are obviously high-ranking military personnel. I have the feeling that the building is part of an embassy and that these men are representatives of a foreign government, probably from Africa. Some words are written on their hats. I think the words may be the name of the country which the men represent. I have difficulty understanding the words, but one looks as if it may be, "Boire." I do not know of any African country named "Boire," but I try to visualize a map of the countries on the western coast of Africa to see if I remember any countries by this name. The men walk past me toward the gate.

Other people also exit through the gate when it is opened. I also want to leave through the gate, but I have the feeling that I am not supposed to leave. I stand and watch a group of perhaps twenty people file out of the gate. Nobody is saying anything directly to me, although I feel as if I am being watched. I decide that the next time a group leaves through the gate, I am also going to leave.

When a small group of three or four people walk out through the gate, I follow. Just outside the gate, a man in a white uniform suddenly steps up in front of me and stops me from advancing. I back up inside. I just stand here. Now I do not know how I am going to leave. Obviously I am not supposed to leave until I am allowed.

I wonder how long this could take. It might take a day - it might take months. I just do not know. I am sure, however, that I am being held here. There is no doubt about that.

Commentary of 19 August 2019

All dreams contain beneficial messages which guide us through the path of life. The message in this dream seems to be to avoid questionable shortcuts which lead away from the proper path. Concentrate on the proper path.

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