Dream of: 18 August 2019 "Boiling Hot Coffee"

I am in the front passenger seat of a car which my father (1932-2016) is driving on a trip. Other family members are also in the car. Along the way, he stops at a gas station. He wants some coffee. He tells me that he wants a small cup of coffee and he wants me to go inside and get the coffee for him. I think I may also buy a small cup of coffee for me, too. I know that I quit drinking coffee and that I have not drunk any in a couple months, so I debate whether I should have a cup now, then decide to have a cup anyway.

I think I will also only have a small cup, although once I am inside, I start thinking I might have a medium or a large cup. I really do not want a large, but I am unable to find a medium cup. I see several different spots where cups are dispersed, but no medium cups are available.

The coffee cups are white Styrofoam. I actually do find a transparent, plastic, medium cup, but I think it is not meant for coffee, but for soda.

I walk over to the cup dispenser for my father's cup. A uniformed policeman or deputy sheriff walks through the room and smiles at me. Since I am not from this area, I certainly do not want any trouble with police. Then I see a second policeman walk through the room. Neither of them bothers me.

I put my father's cup under the coffee dispenser and start the coffee flowing into the cup. I then continue to look for a cup for me, and when I return to my father's cup and the coffee machine, I find that the cup is full and that the coffee in the cup is boiling with bubbles on top. Obviously the coffee is extremely hot.

Since I cannot find a medium cup, I finally decide to use a large cup for my coffee. I look for sugar and cream and I remember that my father also said that he wanted sugar and cream in his coffee. I do not know whether I should put the sugar and cream into his coffee myself, or whether I should take the packages out to him with the coffee. 

Commentary of 18 August 2019

How many times in life have I said that I was not going to do something anymore, successfully stopped for a while, then slipped back into doing the same thing again.

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