Dream of: 16 August 2019 "Flying Together"

I am walking on affluent Coles Boulevard in Portsmouth, Ohio with another fellow - who seems to be Steve Buckner (with whom I attended Portsmouth High School from 1967 to 1970) - when I encounter someone I know: Molly (also with whom I attended Portsmouth High School from 1967 to 1970). I think I have not seen Molly since high school.

After Steve (1952-2012) leaves for a minute, I stand and talk with Molly. She looks as if she is about 30 years old, and I am the same age. She is thin and has dark hair. I am immediately overwhelmingly attracted to her. She also seems attracted to me. As we continue talking, I move closer and closer to her until I touch her. She seems to reciprocate. I usually do not like being this close to someone, but with Molly it is the opposite - I want to be close to her. I move closer to her all the while that we talk.

I end up standing on her right side. I put my left arm around her waist and I suggest that we fly together. She puts her right arm around my waist, and together we start walking down the street. As we continue along intertwined together, my feet rise a short distance off the ground and I float along beside Molly who is still walking with feet on the sidewalk. Apparently Molly has never flown before. I myself am an experienced flyer, but I have never flown with another person like this.

We are at the top of an incline and we start descending. I again rise into the air, and this time, Molly rises along beside me and we are both able to float downhill a short distance above the sidewalk. We descend to the ground several times, then reascend and float. Maintaining flight is a slow process at first, but as we proceed down the hill, we fly faster and faster. I try to estimate how many miles per hour we are traveling. I figure we may be going ten miles per hour which seems pretty fast to me.

I do not want to crash even though we are only barely above the ground. I am extremely exhilarated when we fly faster and faster, still with my left arm around her waist and her right arm around my waist. Then I have a short vision of our crashing. I do not want us to crash. I seem to black out. I do not know exactly where we are. We slow down and descend to the ground.

I see Steve Buckner again. He is extremely surprised to see Molly and me walking together with our arms around each other. I feel as if I am now permanently attached to Molly. I am amazed. I am extremely happy and fulfilled simply being with Molly.

After we separate, I obtain a picture about 8 by 10 inches which displays 10-12 bushy-haired, mostly male members of a rock band. As I look at the picture, I realize that Molly once traveled around in this big rock band.

I do not know what the band is called, but I know that it is famous. I think I am going to have to learn more about the band.  Finally, I remember that the band is called "Cousins," and I wonder if members of the band are cousins with each other.

One member who appears to be female is standing in the back row on the upper left side of the picture. She has brownish-red hair hanging down in front of her face. I think the person is Molly. I am unsure whether she played with the band or whether she simply traveled with them. I think I am now going to have to learn more about this band. I think I need to do some research on the band since I do not know anything about it. I need to learn who they are.

Commentary of 16 August 2019

I have not seen Molly since 1970 and I do not remember our ever exchanging two words in high school.  

Yet here I am flying with her.

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