Dream of: 15 August 2019 "Standing Gray Water"

 I am in a house reminiscent of the Gallia County Farmhouse. I walk into a bedroom where I see Chris (1957-1974) lying on a bed and I remember that I am supposed to pick him up. He looks as if he has been lying there for a long time. I wonder if he has been forgotten. He is probably 12-13 years old. I arrange a couple pillows on the bed so that I can lay him on the pillows and thus put him in a better position to pick him up.

 I notice a closet in the room. Since I want to check out some of the house, I walk into the closet where I see another doorway on the other side of the closet with a cover over it. I pass through the doorway, and run into my first cousin, Alan, who is sitting at the entrance of a messy bedroom, and I say to him, "Hello, Robert," even though I am unsure whether "Robert" is his actual name. He seems a bit offended that I have entered his room which is cluttered with all sorts of things. I tell him that I only need to use the bathroom.

I see a bathroom on the other side of the bedroom and I walk toward it. I hear Alan holler something to me about the water on the floor, and when I reach the bathroom, I see a couple inches of gray water standing on the floor. Nevertheless, I wade into the bathroom and start urinating.

I notice two round holes - each about a foot in diameter - in the floor. As I urinate, the water starts disappearing in the holes. Since the bathroom sits a bit higher than the bedroom, I know the water is going into the bedroom. That is good because at least the water is leaving the bathroom. I continue urinating and the water continues to flow out.

It seems to me that my father (1932-2016) may own this house.

I hear Alan say that I am going to be responsible for fixing the pipes. I think I am indeed going to have to come here and fix this water problem. It will be a job, but I think I can do it.

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