Dream of: 13 August 2019 (2) "Ensnared In A Mystery"

 I have traveled to another city - perhaps Columbus - and I need a place to stay. I find a room and I give someone several hundred dollars to take to the landlord. I reflect that I gave the money without having a written agreement. That is not something which I would typically do, but I need a place right now, so I did it.

During the night, while I am lying on my back on a bed in the room and sleeping, I feel a drop of water suddenly hit my forehead. I realize there is a leak in the ceiling. I look up and see that the ceiling appears discolored from water stains. I can see that I need to tell the landlord who will probably have to repair the roof.

A woman who reminds me of Lynn (one of my tenants) lives in another room. I see Lynn (around 30 years old) during the night and I think she might stay in the room where I am. I am very attracted to her. She is wearing a top which falls down so that I can see the top of her aureole on one of her breasts. I think she may end up spending the night with me.

The next day, I realize that a mystery is taking place here. Another couple lives in the house, and it turns out that Lynn has told the husband of the other couple that I was with the wife of the couple. Lynn walks into the room and I tell her that I cannot believe that she has told this gigantic lie. Her perfidy troubles me. She ignores me and acts as if she knows what she is talking about. I think if she would simply tell the truth, then I would be extricated from this mystery.

Several other people become involved in the mystery and I also try to figure it out. I think someone is trying to ensnare me in this mystery, and I try to avoid being blamed for something which I have not done.

The mystery continues for quite a while. I notice one man standing over to the side. He lives here and he has been watching everything for quite some time. I walk over and talk with him. I ask him what his name is, and he replies, "Harmon."

Apparently he lives and works here. I do not know whether he is going to be honest, but I tell him that I want to see him. The others in the room seem concerned that I am going to be talking with Harmon. I do not know whether I can trust him, but I think that he may be able to shed some light on the mystery so it can be solved.

The assembly of people begins to disperse. I had originally thought that Lynn was going to stay in the room with me. I am still attracted to her, but it looks as if she is not going to be staying. At this point, it does not bother me much that she is leaving.

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