Dream of: 13 August 2019 "Foam Ball"

 I am in the living room with five or six other people who are close to me. My sister is present. I decide we should play a game, so I pull out a foam ball (about the size of a softball). Everyone is sitting in a chair or on a couch around the perimeter of the room. I say that one person will throw the ball against another person, and every time that a person is hit, the person who is hit will lose a point. I think we will play until someone loses ten points.

Shortly after play commences, I change the rules by saying, "You gotta hit em above the waist."

We continue playing until I add something like, "If you throw it at somebody and they catch the ball, then the person who threw the ball loses three points, or the person who catches the ball gains three points."

Birdie (my steady girlfriend from 1978 to 1982) is sitting right next to me on my right. She is slim and very pretty (probably around 30 years old). I start talking with her. It seems as if both of us have taken a drug which has made us very drowsy. I know that she is going to go home and that she does not have a car. I try to find out where she is going. I scoot close to her and put my arm around her. She does not resist, but it seems obvious that we are not going to see each other again after tonight. I say, "Why can't I see you?"

She does not answer. I think I would like to see her again and I would like to see her daughter, although I know that Birdie does not want me to see her daughter. I think about saying something to Birdie like, "Why don't we fuck?"

 I decide not to say that.

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