Dream of: 09 August 2019 (3) "Buying A Furnace"

I have gone to an auction in a huge industrial building and have bought a gigantic furnace. Several different furnaces have been bought at the auction, and the buyers start dismantling the furnaces at the end of the auction. I climb 20-30 feet up the furnace which I have bought and start taking it apart. The furnace seems to mostly consist of metal pipes. The disassembly mainly consists of twisting and turning the pipes. I only have a small, red-handled tool to help me.

I only take off one section of the furnace. I want to take this section now and return for the rest of the furnace later. As I start to descend, I loose my footing and start sliding. Fortunately, I hit a piece of cloth against the wall and slide safely down to the floor.

I do not have to pay for the furnace right now, but I do have to put down a deposit which will be one and a half million dollars. I am unsure whether I should pay with check or with cash. I have the cash in my pocket. I am unsure whether I have deposited enough money in my bank account to cover the check. I think I did, but since I am unsure, I think I will have to pay with the cash which I have in my pocket.

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