Dream of: 09 August 2019  "Rolfo And Aldino"

In medieval times, I am involved with negotiations with some Spanish-speaking people who live north of the border of the land where I live. The name of one of the leaders of the Spanish-speaking people is, "Aldino."

I look in front of me onto a screen and see a map of the land beyond my northern border. In the north, I can see a thin, blue line which is steadily moving toward the border. I know that the line represents the path which Aldino and his men - all on horseback - are taking.

I would like to contact Aldino and tell him that I will come up to see him. I know that I would have to cross the border to reach him. Seeing that the blue line is steadily moving southward ever closer to the border, I think I would prefer if Aldino could come here to where I am south of the border to visit me so that we can negotiate about our territories.

I am sitting in a large room of this house where I live. A blanket covers the door. I hear something from the area of the door, and a bulky, old, white-haired man and his aide push back the blanket and walk into the room. I know that the name of this man is, "Rolfo," and that he is the leader of one group of the Spanish-speaking people.

After Rolfo and his aide sit down, I say, "Aldino's coming," and a second bulky, old, white-haired man - Aldino - pushes with his aide into the room through the blanket.

Finally, my fit, black-haired father (1932-2016) walks into the room. He looks about 50 years old. He also has someone with him.

Although several easy-chairs are around the perimter of the room, I think I need to find more chairs to make room for everyone.

I introduce Rulfo and Aldino to each other by saying to Aldino, "This is Rolfo," and by saying to Rolfo, "This is Aldino." Then I realize that I failed to introduce my father, and I say, "This is my father, Leroy Collier."

I know that Rolfo and Aldino are antagonists who are close to going to war with each other. I think my role here will be to try to negotiate a peace between them.

Commentary of 09 August 2019

Today, on Dream Enthusiasts, Hardy wrote, "There is a Taoist view that dreaming just means you have unconscious stuff to bring into the light of awareness ... so dreaming is for unconscious people ... the enlightened don't dream."

Magdeleen replied, "Bit of a challenge to verify though!"

Do the enlightened dream? Some say yes, some say no. Many differences of opinion exist on a wide variety of issues on Dream Enthusiasts, a forum whose central aim is ascertaining the truth.

There is a literary movement in Latin America called "magical realism." Some say it was started by a man named "Juan Rulfo."  Magical realism seems to me to have much in common with dreams. I wonder how many members of Dream Enthusiasts believe in magic.

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