Dream of: 07 August 2019  (2) "Outside An Arena"

I am standing outside an arena where a show is going to take place inside. I see my father (1932-2016) standing nearby and I walk up to him. He tells me that my sister has already entered the arena. I ask him if he has a ticket and he says, "No."

He is angry about something, and he does not want to enter the arena, but I still want to go. Thinking that my sister has the tickets, I ask a woman if I can go inside to retrieve my ticket. The woman says no, but mentions that I might be able to find a special person who can go in for me. She leads a second woman to me. After I tell the second woman where my sister is supposed to be sitting, the second woman turns and leaves.

My father, however, still does not want to enter, so I think about leaving with him, even though I would like to go inside and see the show. I wait for the woman to return. It looks as if my father is going to go somewhere else.

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