Dream of: 06 August 2019  (2) "Shelter From Tornado"

I am in the kitchen of the House in Patriot (the home of my maternal grandparents when I was a child). I am standing at the sink and looking out the windows above the sink. As I look out the window on the far right, I see a big black cloud forming - obviously a tornado. It quickly begins approaching the House.

It looks as if the tornado is coming straight toward the House. I know that my sister is in the House and that someone else is with her. A couple more of my relatives are also in the House. I bring the tornado to everyone's attention and tell them that we are going to have to descend to the basement. Everyone else descends to the basement except me.

Finally I also go down and see a little window on the back side of the basement through which I can see a big, red-stoned church not far from the basement. Someone is standing in the doorway of the church and people appear to be entering the church. A man out there sees me and asks me if we are okay. He seems to be indicating that we could go into the church, but now it seems so late, and the tornado is so close, I want to stay here where I am.

I notice that some plastic, black garbage bags are piled up in front of the door to the church.

I walk back upstairs and again look out at the tornado. It passes by the side of the House and does not directly hit the House. I see a man in the doorway of another house not far away. I am unsure whether he even has a basement. I think he could have come to this House if he had wanted, but it is too late now - the tornado is so close.

I can also see several other houses nearby. Soon it becomes foggy and misty outside and I cannot see well. Suddenly I hear a loud boom. I look out toward a garage which was right next to the House and see that it has been leveled to the ground.

Finally I go back down to the basement and look for my sister, only to discover that she is not there. I do not know what has happened to her. I look and look for her. I walk outside and see the damage. I cannot find her anywhere. I walk over to the church and ask someone about her, but she is not there either.

I am beginning to think that she simply left without even telling me. That is disturbing. I think another possibility is that she stepped outside and the tornado swept her away. I am left confused and concerned about what happened to her.

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