Dream of: 05 August 2019 (2) "Installing A Light Bulb"

I am at the intersection of Gallia and Chillicothe Streets in downtown Portsmouth, Ohio. I am standing on the southwest corner next to the building which used to house CVS Pharmacy. My intention is to install a regular light bulb in a pole beside the building. I have a light bulb in my hand and I have unscrewed the top of a little metal box, when I realize that a large street light is up above my head and that no light bulb is needed here.

While I am working, I notice a slender man standing on the sidewalk on the other side of Chillicothe Street. The man (probably in his 40s) is wearing a trench coat and is intently staring at me. It seems that he has been following me around and watching what I am doing.

Brown-haired Michelle (in her early 30s) shows up and starts telling me that she is going to start dancing in a strip club down near Ashland, Kentucky. She said she used to dance there years ago and that her old boyfriend Wayne would go to the club with her while she danced. I am surprised to hear this because I did not know anything about her dancing somewhere.

I reflect that she is not in the best of shape anymore. Her breasts have started to sag and I wonder how good she would do dancing in a strip club. She seems to be still debating whether she is going to do it. She steps into the building for a moment, and when she steps back out, I look at her more closely. Now she has frizzy, black hair and only looks about 20 years old. She is wearing a red and black bikini and has small, firm breasts. She looks good.

I am still uncertain that she will be able to succeed as a stripper, and I cannot decide whether she should do it. She says something about making $20 an hour which does not seem like great money, but at least it is something. I know that she needs money, so I can see the pros and cons of the job.

I think I may go down and see her, but I would not want to be involved in the enterprise. I could sit in the back and perhaps give one of the waitresses five dollars to take to Michelle.

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