Dream of: 02 August 2019 "Making A Movie"

 I am in the front room of of the Third Street Building (where my father owned an insulation manufacturing factory in the 1980s in Portsmouth, Ohio). The building - which is now owned by someone else - seems to be on the lot where my Seventeenth Street House would normally be located.

A fellow who looks like Kevin Bacon, and a second taller fellow, walk into the room. It looks as if they have been trying to make a movie in the building. I see some tapes, one of which says, "Lizzie," and one which says, "Pens."  I say something to the first fellow about the Penseé tape. He knows what I am talking about.

Suddenly both fellows pull out what appear to be plastic water pipes and act as if they are going to attack me. I know that they were planning on doing this because this was a scene in their movie. I back away since I do not want to take part, but finally I say something like, "I could take those things away from you anyway."

Actually I would rather like to take the pipes away from them because I think it would be interesting to see if I would be able to do so in a fight.

Before we continue, however, I look through the back door into the back of the building and I ask them if they know what used to sit back there for about ten years. I am thinking of the big machine which my father used to make cellulose insulation.

The second fellow says he does know. I am not sure, but I think perhaps he used to pick up orders of insulation here.

A squat, Italian woman walks into the room from a side door and says something. I am unsure if she is part of the movie.

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