Dream of: 01 August 2019 "Package Sent In Error"

I have a received a package in the mail. I see that the typed name on the return address is "Laura Suzanne Snell." Although the package looks like a large, flat, manila envelope, it contains many bulky items inside. I start pulling the intriguing items out of the package. Among many other odd things, I find probably twelve bottles of foreign beer. I open one of the light-brown bottles of beer and take a drink.

I cannot deduce why I have received this package here at my home - which is a huge house sitting on an isolated hill - and after much thought, I conclude that a mistake has been made. I am unsure, but I think the package was supposed to have been sent to someone else, but was sent in error to me.

 It is a mystery why the package was sent to me, but I think it resulted from a mix-up in the address. I know who Laura Suzanne Snell is, although I do not know her well. She and I used to work together in the same place. I think she intended to send the package to someone else, but she mistakenly used my address - which was still on file where she was working - and sent the package to me.

I descend the hill from my house to the place where Laura is working. It seems like the front desk of a large hotel. She is a thin, attractive woman with shoulder-length brown hair who is probably around thirty years old. I only know her from the time that we worked together. I like Laura. I find her to be a friendly person, although I do not know her well.

I am still carrying the bottle of beer which I opened earlier. I set the bottle on the counter as I talk with Laura. I have only taken a drink or two of the beer, and I do not tell Laura that the beer came out of the package.

I converse with her without specifically mentioning the package which I received. I circumvent the subject, but from the conversation, I can tell that she knows that the package has disappeared. However, she does not know that I have the package, and I continue to dance around the subject without telling her that I have it.  

I invite her to my home for a visit. She agrees to come up, but she also invites a couple women (about her same age) who are here with her, as well as a man (who may be in his 40s), who seems to be in an authority position here, to accompany her.

I realize that I did not even clean up the house before I left, so I know the house will be a little messy, but not bad. The five of us ascend the hill to my home. When we arrive, I show the others into my huge home. We walk through two rooms which have windows on one side so we can see the vista far below. I tell the others that I do not have many visitors up here. Laura uses a word which sounds like "hermitage" to describe me, but I pronounce the word "hermitic," which I think is the proper word to describe a "hermit."

All the while, I am thinking about having opened and drunk some of the beer. I am wondering if I am going to have to pay for the beer, or even if I have committed a crime by drinking the beer. I am a little concerned about that. I also remember that one other thing which I found in the package and consumed was half of a deviled egg. I still have not specifically told Laura that I have the package, although it is pretty clear at this point that I do have the package.

We finally enter the living room and the others all sit down. One of the other women brings up a scary story which she has heard about this house. Apparently one time someone was carrying a baby down the stairs from the large attic, and the stairs broke. The person carrying the baby fell through the stairs with the baby. I have heard this story before, and I know exactly what the woman is talking about. I tell her that I do not go up into the attic which I know is above another part of the house.

When I think I hear something next to the room where we are, I step into a hallway around the corner. I am astounded to see a tall, bulky man - perhaps a foot taller than I - lumbering down the hallway toward me. He looks huge. He has long, dark hair and a bare breast. He looks like an Indian, only more like a cartoon version. I do not know where this creature came from and I am immediately terrified that he is going to attack me. I scream at the top of my lungs, "Aaaahhhhhh!"

Suddenly, however, I know where he came from: he was in the package which I received. I remember that two or three other people were also in the package. I am still terrified, but at least I know that he did not break into the house, but came in the package.

Note to Laura on 13 August 2019

When I think about this dream, my mind continues to go back to the half of a "deviled egg" which was contained in the package which you sent in the dream, and which I ate. I have only written one other dream in my life in which "deviled eggs" have appeared, so deviled eggs are a rare occurrence in my dreams.

 In that other dream, which I had in 2015, I wrote in some commentary to the dream that, "I try to understand this dream by starting with the symbol which seems clearest to me, in this case the deviled eggs, which I view as a symbol of evil."

When I wrote that previous commentary back in 2015, I was probably thinking that to me, a "deviled egg" represents "evil" not only because of the name, but because I generally regard the eating of eggs as a selfish and evil act.

Of course it seems important to remember that the package in this dream was not addressed to me. I received the package by mistake and really, I had no right to eat the deviled egg which also somewhat reminds me of Eve's apple.

This was my fourth dream in which you specifically appeared. Probably more to come.


Note to Laura on 13 August 2019 - not published

In this dream, I receive a package from you which was actually meant for someone else. Thus the question of whether you were actually sending me a message is ambiguous. Two items in the package were cans of beer and a deviled egg. A third item was a comical Indian monster whom I have identified in my commentary as reminding me of a member of Dream Enthusiasts.

This is the fourth dream which I have had in which you have appeared. I must say, when I place all four dreams together, they definitely take the shape of an intriguing little story.

It seems to me as if "deviled eggs" may offer a clue to the meaning of that story. The tale in this segment explains that I ate a deviled egg which I received in a package which you sent to me by mistake and which I have not even yet confirmed to you that I have received.

All of which tends to make me think of our attachments to the physical world.

Yet we are both interested in some way - which is not entirely clear - in dreams. Occasionally you publish your dreams. That is why I dream about you - I enjoy reading your dreams, and I enjoy dreaming about other dream writers.

Commentary of 01 August 2019

I would just add that the two women and the man who accompany Laura make me think of specific members of Dream Enthusiasts. The cartoonish fellow at the end most definitely reminds me of a specific member of Dream Enthusiasts.

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