Dream of: 28 July 2019 (2) "Old Mystery Novels"

 As I am walking on the esplanade in downtown Portsmouth, Ohio, I notice some stacks of 33 rpm record albums sitting under a table on the sidewalk. I recall seeing the records earlier and I was not interested in them - I had thought someone had simply set the records out there to be carried away. Now, however, it looks as if someone has set out even more of the record albums, and I decide to take some. I start picking up some of the albums and putting them in my car which is sitting nearby and which has a dog in it.

I see that someone is carrying out even more albums and setting them on the sidewalk. I also notice more stacks of albums that I had not noticed at first. Then I notice that another fellow has started taking stacks of the albums. The more I look at the albums, the better they look.

When I next find some boxes filled with small 45 rpm records, I carry several of the heavy boxes to the car. More records are brought out and finally some old magazines are brought out and laid on the sidewalk. First a boy, then a man, brings out stacks of old Time magazines. I know that old Time magazines are my favorite magazines, so I pick up the magazines and put them in the car. The Time magazines are in excellent condition. They almost look brand new, even though they are old.

More things are brought out. Finally I see the doorway where all the things are coming from. I walk into the building and realize that I am in a building in the little village of Patriot, Ohio (where my maternal grandparents lived when I was a child). Someone here is carrying the stuff out to the street and laying it on the sidewalk.

Inside the building, I notice a box which appears to contain a game which I think might be based on an old TV show. I would like to have the game.

I am unsure why these people are disposing of all this stuff. I ask the man who is carrying out the magazines where they came from, and he says something about a partner in his law firm's owning the magazines and wanting to dispose of them. The man seems a bit pretentious - as if he wants to make sure that I know that he is a lawyer. I think I could tell him that I am a lawyer, too, but I know that I do not look like a lawyer and that I do not actually practice law, so I do not say anything. The fellow seems like a typical, uppity lawyer.

After he walks away, a woman comes down some stairs and talks to me. She is the wife of the fellow with whom I have been talking. She says something about needing the space upstairs for some kind of racetrack for miniature cars which is being installed in the room where all this stuff had been stored.

It appears that they are not going to carry anything else out today, so I ask the woman what time they will open tomorrow, but she does not seem to know.

I walk past a desk on which are lying some old Action comic which I know are valuable. I know that the first Superman was in an Action comic and it is extremely valuable.

I see an old typewriter, then see a second old typewriter like one which I have. I see a lot of stuff in here like the stuff which I have. I think the fellow who collected all this stuff must have been a lot like me.

I walk into a neighboring room where a man is sitting at a table. Someone had brought some of the stuff from the sidewalk to him to look at. He talks about how the stuff appears to be rather valuable. He says something about the "abc's," but I do not know what he is talking about. He has a pile of the magazines there which appear to be old Life magazines from the 1960s or 1970s. They do not look valuable to me. I think if this stuff is valuable, then the stuff which I picked up must really be valuable.

When I walk back out into the main room, I notice some shelves of old books. Since it looks as if the people are also preparing to set the books outside, I grab a stack of those. They are tiny, thin books. I see that some of the books are old mystery novels which have graphic covers. What I really like is the artwork on the covers of all these books and magazines.  

The woman looks at me carrying the books as if the books were not supposed to be taken. I am wondering if I should even have the books, but since the woman sees me having the books and does not say anything, I continue on with them. When I start to go back out, however, I discover that some bookshelves have been moved right in my path while I was not looking. I turn around and try to find another way out. Then I find the back door. I discover that the door is locked, and that the people have disappeared. I am uncertain where they went. I feel as if I am locked in and cannot leave. I could unlock the door, but then I would have to leave it open if I left.

 I finally realize that I have somehow boarded a moving van. I am unsure why I am in the van, but I cannot simply jump out. I have some of the stuff with me which I have collected. I think the van is going to travel up one of the little back streets of Patriot. When the van finally stops, I climb out, look around, and realize that I am in a little town which I do not recognize. I see someone on the street and I ask the person where I am. The person gives me the name of a town and says that I am in Kentucky. I do not recognize the name of the town, but I think I am probably about 75 miles from Portsmouth, Ohio.

I ask a woman if there is a bus station here. She says there is a bus station in the basement of the building which is right next to us. I walk into the building, which seems like an old hotel, and descend into the basement which appears to be a bar. Apparently the bus station is in this bar.

I walk up to the bar and sit down. The bar seems like a film noir setting like something out of the 1940s. The man sitting on my left looks exactly like Kevin Costner. I think this is amazing that I would find Kevin Costner in this little town in Kentucky.

I ask a woman standing behind the bar when the next bus leaves for Portsmouth. She says it has been three days since the last bus left for Portsmouth, so I do not know if I am going to be able to leave here today. I think I might have to rent a hotel room and spend the night here. It is unclear what I am going to do next.

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