Dream of: 28 July 2019 "Producing Pure Water"

I have invented a machine which makes water. I have installed the machine in the basement of an old, two-story house and have attached it to the water line in the basement. A portly man (probably in his 50s), who seems to be my father-in-law, has shown up wearing a gray suit. He is thinking of providing the capital so that we can enter the business of producing water. Today we are running a test to see if the machine works. With several other people, the man sits outside the house and waits for the production to begin.

With the assistance of several helpers and a woman who apparently is my wife, I start up the machine and we do a test run. After I go outside, one of my helpers brings me a glass of water which was produced by the machine. I am a bit dissatisfied when I see that the helper has added some ice from the refrigerator because I worry that the ice will affect the purity of the water. We all take sips of the water which tastes pure.

Although the test seems to work, I am not completely convinced that this invention will actually be successful. It seems as if there must be some kind of problem which I have not yet detected. It just seems too good to be true. I do not know what, but I fear that something unknown will foul up the whole enterprise.

We do a second test run and obtain more water. I begin to fret, "Was there water in the lines?"

I worry that we might be sampling old water which was not flushed out of the lines before we began. Maybe pressure from the machine simply pushed through old water.

Although the man seems hesitant, he seems as if he may make an investment in the project. To myself, I think something like, "Well, if he puts up the money and something happens, and it fails, it would be a shame, but it would just be how it is."

I cannot discern any problem with the project, yet something does not seem quite right. I just do not know what the problem is.

Commentary of 28 July 2019

I would say that, in this dream, the "water which I am producing" represents "my written dreams." The issue seems to be whether I believe in my dreams.

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