Dream of: 27 July 2019 "French Lessons"

I am on some kind of public transportation, like a bus, when I see a group of people who I think are French. I sit down in the empty seat next to a woman (probably in her mid 20s) who is part of the group, and I start talking to her in French. She speaks back to me in French, and after we have conversed for a short while, I ask her if she would be interested in giving me French lessons. As she seems uncertain, I think I should get to the point, and I ask her how much she would charge me per hour for lessons. She finally says, "Twenty-five dollars."

I was afraid she would say something like that because I think that is too much. I think I would only be willing to pay $10 an hour. I think to myself that I could do many things for $25 an hour. In 20 hours, I could save $500 which should be enough for airfare to France. Or I could go online and find an online French teacher for less than that. Besides, the woman is rather plain and not particularly attractive. I notice that her two bottom teeth in front are brown - she may even have cavities. Being with her and her brown teeth would be embarrassing if I were with her in public. I would not like that. Nevertheless, I would employ her for $10 an hour because I need to practice my French with someone in person.

Another fellow in this little group of French people is sitting in a seat behind the woman. He speaks up and implies that I am not offering the woman enough money at $10 an hour. I stand up, look at the fellow, and say something like "Thank you for interrupting us."

I sense that this little arrangement which I am contemplating with the woman is going to fall apart and that I probably will never see the woman again. I am somewhat disappointed.

I descend from the bus and head to my home, which is an upstairs apartment in a two story red-brick building with a little store on the ground floor. Next to the store is an empty lot, and just as I am ready to ascend to my apartment, I see a fellow (probably around 20 years old) standing at the front of the lot. He is a good-looking, thin, black-haired fellow who is wearing a light-gray suit which makes him look prosperous. Next to him is a flat cart on which are piled pieces of black traveling luggage.

Since I have the distinct impression that the fellow is French, I step up to him and start talking to him in French. I ask him if he lives here, and he says, "No."

Then he speaks in broken English and says that he lives in a "dorm" at the rear of this vacant lot. I start thinking that maybe - since he lives here close to me - I could hire him to teach me French. I start talking to him in French about my desire to find a French teacher, and he asks me what I would like to know. I reply, "Tous."

I tell him in French that I could improve my vocabulary, and that basically I just want to talk with people in French.

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