Dream of: 25 July 2019 "Piloting A Small Plane"

I am enjoying myself as I pilot a small airplane which I have purloined from somewhere. I am unsure where I am going, but I am sure that people in other planes will soon be searching for this plane, so I need to find a place where I can land the plane and hide it.

I am flying above a river which I can see below me on my left. On my right I can see the brushy shore of the river. I think I may be able to land in a clear area on the bank of the river and hide the plane under some brush. As I think of landing, I begin envisioning how I will land the plane and throw the brush on the plane. My imagination becomes so strong, I see myself landing the dark maroon plane among some trees and throwing brush on the plane.

I feel young - perhaps in my early 20s. I imagine other people the same age - apparently from a nearby college - showing up and helping me hide the plane under grass and leaves. I think I may meet an attractive, young woman among the people. Perhaps I will give her a ride in the plane once it is safe to take off again.

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