Dream of: 22 July 2019 "Glittery Rock"

I have recently moved to a small town and into a small house in an area where there is a row of 20-25 small houses - really just shacks - which are lined up behind some kind of long, one-story building which reminds me of a long, extra large gas station.

I walk around in the alley-like street in front of the houses. I do not know anyone here and I do not see anyone anywhere, until I finally see a fellow (probably in his mid 20s) sitting on a chair here in the alley. Sensing that he lives here, I walk toward him, uncertain whether he is going to be friendly. In his lap is large soft-back book (over an inch thick). From what I can see, the book appears to be a corporate report of the business which is in the long building on the other side of the alley.

The fellow looks at me and wants to know if I want to see the book. He hands the book to me, and I leaf through it. I see that the book indeed is a corporate report. I reflect that I once had a similar book, only much smaller. I find the book interesting, but I can see that it is old - perhaps from 1980 or thereabouts.

The fellow then pulls out a similar book - only smaller and thinner - and hands it to me. The first pages of this book are missing and it appears to begin on page 13, which is written on the bottom of the first page.

I leaf through this book - filled with pictures - and see that it is not a corporate report, but a book about Nazi Germany. I do not see anything new in the book, and I hand the book back to the fellow.

A middle-aged man then walks up and pulls out a pretty, little, smooth, egg-shaped rock. I reflect that this rock looks about the same size of a plain rock which I had just found a couple days ago on my land. Unlike the plain rock which I found, however, this rock is quite fancy. It is black with glittery, reddish, silver veins. As I look at the rock, I look down on the gravely ground and see another irregularly shaped black rock with the same glittery, reddish, silver veins which looks almost like the one which the fellow has.

As I pick up the rock from the ground and stare at it, I know that it reminds me of something. The rock seems significant to me because I know that for some reason I have recently been focusing on rocks.

Commentary of 22 July 2019

I actually did find a rock on my property a couple days ago. Although the rock was plain, it caught my eye and I carried it home. Here is a picture of that rock:

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