Dream of: 20 July 2019 "Allowed To Survive"

I have been participating in a war which has been taking place in Slavic countries in Middle Asia, sometime in the middle ages. One side has been conquered. I am dressed in an outfit which is simply a brown robe with a collar. This robe represents a person of the church. The church was on the losing side in the war.

People are gathering in an large, open area where people from the losing side are being executed. As I walk around, and more and more people are executed, it becomes clear that I am in danger because of the outfit which I am wearing.

One fellow with a water hose sprays water in my direction, as if he is trying to point me out. I step behind someone to escape from the fellow with the hose. I walk into a room which contains a table with clothes lying on it. The executions suddenly stop, and the remaining people on the losing side are allowed to put on different clothing. I start trying to find something to wear. I seem to be very thin. I see a folded pair of blue jeans and I pick them up. I start looking for a shirt to wear.

It looks as if I am going to be allowed to survive.

People are talking around me in a language which I do not understand.

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