Dream of: 19 July 2019 (2) "Right-Winger"

Three other lawyers and I have each published right-wing letters on four separate subjects. Each of us has written on a certain subject. The letters had actually been written by right-wingers, but each of us has published the letters as if we had written them. Each of us assumed the stances contained in the letters. One of the letters, for example, was anti-abortion. Each of us four lawyers has a particular subject which we are espousing.

We four are going to be working together in Fort Worth, Texas. We meet in Fort Worth where we are met by a man (around 50 years old) who is responsible for what we are doing. He is going to be our boss. We are now going to review our particular policies on which we are going to be working here in Fort Worth.

I know that I am not actually a right-winger like we are supposed to be. Posing as a right-winger and becoming a person who espouses right-wing ideology will be difficult for me, when in reality I do not believe in these conservative positions. Nevertheless, I plan to do it anyway.

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