Dream of: 15 July 2019 "Attending Funerals"

I have arrived at a two-story, frame house which seems like the old home of my paternal great-uncle-in-law Adolph Ressinger (1894-1974) and my paternal great-aunt Dorothy Collier Ressinger (1903-2002) on Seventh Street in Portsmouth, Ohio. A funeral is taking place here in the house today for a fellow in his early 20s whom I barely knew.

Having brought some clothes with me to wear at the funeral, I walk into the front room and start to change. I look at the clothes: an old pair of pants and an old, red tee shirt, and I remember that I picked out these clothes without much consideration. I change pants, and then when I start to put on the tee shirt, I notice several small holes and one larger hole about the size of a nickel in the back of the shirt. Wearing a shirt with holes seems a bit inappropriate at a funeral - I think when I put the tee shirt on, I should try to face people and avoid letting them see my back.

I also think about my "Rocket Man" tee shirt and how I could have worn it instead, but it seems I would be drawing too much attention to myself in that tee shirt. I am not happy with my choice of tee shirt, but it is all that I have to wear now. I question in general the appropriateness of wearing a tee shirt to a funeral, but then I see another fellow in the room who is also wearing a tee shirt, and I decide the tee shirt will pass muster. Obviously some people do wear tee shirts to funerals.

Right now, the coffin is in the dining room, but it is going to be brought here into the front room in a little bit. Chairs are already set up in the room for the funeral and a couple people are already in the room. I notice my old friend from my late teens, Randy Ramey (1952-2008) in the room, and I reflect that I have not seen him in a long time.

As I am sitting on a bed in the middle of the room, I notice a small, brown spider hanging about a meter over the bed from a light fixture in the middle of the ceiling. I kick my foot up close to the dangling spider a couple times, but I do not touch it. I do not want to kill it - I just want to inform it that it should climb back up the web. When the spider begins climbing back up, I conclude that it was able to sense my foot even though I did not bring my foot close enough to touch it.

I ruminate that I may begin attending more funerals which I regard as social gatherings. Plus, there is usually something to eat at funerals. Attending funerals is somewhat new for me, but I think I will start going to more of them.

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