Dream of: 14 July 2019 (2) "Imprimatur"

I have walked to the home where my mother (1931-2015) is living underneath the middle of a large bridge (which seems to be the U.S. Grant bridge between Portsmouth, Ohio, and Kentucky, but which looks more like a smaller version of the Brooklyn Bridge). Apparently I am living in South Shore, Kentucky (which also seems like a large city) - a couple miles east of the bridge.

I know that I need to return to my home because Mairita (an internet dream journalist) is coming to my home to visit me. She is supposed to arrive in fifteen minutes. Since I walked here to my mother's home, I do not think I can walk back to my home that fast, so I talk to my mother (around 40 years old), and I ask her if she can drive me home.

Then, however, I reflect that Mairita will be crossing over the bridge from Ohio to Kentucky when she comes to visit me. I think I will call her because maybe she can pick me up. I make a call to her, but I do not reach her. Through some kind of system, I arrange for her to call me back. I soon hear the old-fashioned phone, hanging on the wall, ring. Since I am sure that Mairita is the person calling, I tell my mother that I am going to answer the phone. When I answer the phone, I use another name - which consists of two words - to address Mairita.

I ask her if she is still planning on coming over, and she says she is. I ask her if she can do me a favor and pick me up on the way. She says she can and she asks me to give her directions about how to pick me up under the bridge. I am not sure, however, of the directions to arrive under the bridge. I think that she must have a GPS system, so if I simply give her the address, she will be able to see a map which will show the directions to my mother's home.

After we hang up, I reflect that Mairita will not only be able to see where my mother lives when she arrives, but she will also be able to see where I live. My house is just a little cottage, and it is a bit messy because I was not even thinking about Mairita's visit when I left. Now I will not have a chance to clean it up before she arrives and she will see how I actually live.

I reflect that Mairita and I have grown close. When I try to think of a word to describe our closeness, I think of the closeness as resembling something like a written contract between us. The word for which I am searching is like a stamp of approval on the contract. I think of the word "imprimatur," and I also think of the French word "imprimé." I think of our relationship as bearing an "imprimatur," or as being "imprimé." This stamp would be a sign to show that we are as close as we are, and provide an official notice of our relationship.

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