Dream of: 12 July 2019 "Hostage Of Bank Robbers"

I am drowsily lying on a bed when I realize that I am in room in a bank where a bank robbery is taking place. I am being held hostage. I seem to know the two robbers who lead me outside. I see a big, old house across the street. I think maybe I could run around behind the house and escape. Or maybe I could run inside the house and hide. I think maybe I could run up into the attic which I imagine as being the attic of the Gay Street House (where my father lived in Portsmouth, Ohio from 1965 to 1997).

I know of one spot on the top of a room in the attic where I could hide. I could grab something with which to protect myself so that if the robbers ascended to the attic and look overtop of the room, I could beat them back.

I only contemplate escaping - in actuality, I continue lying on the bed without doing anything. I want to get up, but I am too tired. I hear someone say, "Steve's gone."

One of the robbers opens the door of the bedroom where I am lying, looks in at me, and says, "Steve's not gone."

Someone is able to call the police. It seems to me that we are in one of the suburbs between Fort Worth and Dallas. After a short while, I think enough time has passed for the police to arrive, and I hear a loud knock at the door - Bang! Bang! Bang! - but nothing happens and then I hear another knock. I also hear commotion downstairs. I wonder if I should get up and hide under the bed, but I am too tired to stand up, so I continue lying in the bed and waiting for the police to arrive.

I think if a battle takes place between the robbers and the police, and if I survive, the police will realize that I am simply one of the hostages, and they will set me free.

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