Dream of: 11 July 2019 "Spilling Soy Sauce"

I have sold my 17th Street House in Portsmouth, Ohio to a man (about 50 years old). My mother (1931-2014), however, is still living in one of the upstairs bedrooms. I have come to visit her.

I had been talking to the man earlier on the phone and he had told me about changes which he had made around the house. He had also told me about changes which he intended to make out back. I look out back from the kitchen, but I do not see anything different out there. The back yard looks the same to me.

 I make me a potato and I sit down at the table in the kitchen to eat it. I also have a biscuit. I put margarine and soy sauce on the potato. I manage to spill some of the soy sauce. Although there is a white table cloth on the table, the soy sauce spills onto a napkin and does not spill onto the tablecloth.

I think everything in the kitchen belongs to the man who lives here. He occupies all of the house except for the room in which my mother lives. I am not even sure if my mother has kitchen rights, so I somewhat feel as if I am trespassing.

The man comes home and walks into the kitchen. I am afraid that he is going to be angry because I am here, but he is very friendly. We all start talking about different things.

I tell him that I had not seen the plants about which he had been talking. Apparently he has only recently planted the seeds and the plants have not grown yet.

He mentions that it is hard to find anyone around this area to do any work. I recall that I had the same problem when I lived here.

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