Dream of: 10 July 2019 "Speeding And Other Offenses"

 I am driving a car and am headed to a courthouse where I am representing a man who is in the car with me. He has received a traffic ticket. I have started practicing law again and this is the first legal case which I have had in a long time.

Also in the car is a woman who is working as my secretary. She is the one who has taken the call to represent this man. I myself have very little information about this case. We are in a hurry to reach the courthouse because the case is supposed to begin in about fifteen minutes.

I have the name of the place where the courthouse is - somewhere in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but I am unsure whether the courthouse is in Fort Worth or in one of the surrounding suburbs. I hurry, but I do not think I am going to make it on time. I am on the highway and I watch the road signs as I look for a sign with the name of the place where the court is supposed to be. I do not see the sign anywhere, and I finally tell my secretary to call the court and notify them that we are going to be late, but that we are on our way.

The man who is with us is dressed in a suit and is around 50 years old. Finally, I learn that in the course of events, the man was also involved in an accident when he received his speeding ticket and that very minor damage was done to one of the cars.

It seems as if the man and I are sitting in a room when I ask him if he has been involved in any other criminal offenses. He says he has. I ask him if he wants to talk to me in private. He says he does, and I send the secretary out of the room. I am beginning to think this fellow may have a long list of prior offenses.

At some point, as we head to the courthouse, the man begins driving the car. He is racing along like a madman at perhaps 100 miles per hour. When I tell him to slow down, he pays no attention to me. He swerves from one lane to the other and barely misses hitting other cars. It sounds as if he even scrapes against another car. I am beginning to see that this fellow is indeed a lunatic. I am terrified and just want to get out of this car. I do not want to be further involved with this fellow - but here I am.

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