Dream of: 07 July 2019 (3) "Visiting The Farm"

My father (1932-2016) and I have arrived by car on the 386-acre Gallia County Farm. We stop at the hilly 40-acre section about a half mile from the Farmhouse, climb out of the car, and look around. I have not been here in a long time. My father says something about some marijuana plants starting to grow here. Curious, I walk over to where he is standing and he shows me a big bulb close to the ground which looks something like an enormous garlic clove 6-7 centimeters in diameter. He says that is marijuana. Since I have never seen it growing like this, I am curious. I did not know that marijuana started out in bulbs like this. I say something like, "It won't last there." I think the bulbs are so close to the road that someone will see them when the marijuana starts growing. I put my nose to the bulb, but I do not smell anything.

My father says something about planning to transport the marijuana back to Portsmouth and replanting it there somewhere. I think that sounds interesting. I see several more marijuana bulbs and I think I may return here and pick some of the bulbs myself.

I look up and see a medium-size white house standing close to us. I had forgotten that my father built that house here a long time ago. We walk over to the house, enter and walk around the house which still appears to be new inside. The house is not fancy, but it is in good shape. I remember that my father built this house many, many years ago. I am surprised that it is still in such good shape. I do not see any problems with the house when I walk around it.

In one room I see several boxes of receptacle covers. In another room I see boxes of shelf-brackets. When I walk into a small room in the back, I notice that one of the walls seems a bit flimsy and I can see cracks around the corners. My father says something about being able to change things in this room. He starts turning a handle on the wall next to the flimsy side, and the flimsy wall begins rising like a garage door. I look outside and am surprised to see several, old, gray-block buildings which look like part of a little community which existed here many years ago. One of the buildings appears to be an old store.

I also look at the hill which rises right next to us. I think it would be difficult to climb because it almost looks perpendicular.

I then hear my father talking to someone in another room. I am unsure but it sounds like a woman's voice. I look in there and see a black-haired woman and several other people. I do not recognize them, but I think they must be relatives of my father.

I walk around in front of the house and look down the road toward the Farmhouse which I see with its red metal roof. Then I look across the road, and see pretty brown and white cows in the field there. A pretty, fluffy-haired, brown-and-white collie is chasing the cows. Another dog also seems to be involved. When the cows run away, I see that three men with rifles are in the field. I almost holler at them because I think they are on part of the land of the Farm which belongs to my paternal step-grandfather, Clarence. Then, I notice a barbed wire fence which surrounds the land, and I recall that Clarence sold this land, so I am glad I did not holler.

The rifle of one of the men is extremely long - perhaps ten meters. He points it at the sky and fires, probably at a bird. I think about how much I despise hunters. I do not like these people at all. 

I notice a little building which looks like a storage building on the other side of the road. This is way out here in the middle of nowhere. I wonder what they store in that building. I think that the building could be robbed. I think two people could show up in a car. They would not want to both break in, but one person could be dropped off to break into the building and carry items back outside and wait until the other person came back with the vehicle to haul the items away.

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