Dream of: 07 July 2019 (2) "White Concrete Steps"

I am with a specific, female member of Dream Enthusiasts. We are supposed to do something together, but when I look around, she is not here - she has left. I am unsure why the woman left, but I think she is upset about something, even though I do not know what. I see a long series of white concrete steps which go up the side of the hill in front of me, and I think the woman must have climbed up those steps. I see the back of someone who is climbing up the steps far up in front of me. The person is wearing a heavy, blue coat with a hoodie. I run up the stairs until I reach the person - who may be pushing a baby in a baby stroller. When the person turns and looks at me out of her hoodie, I see that she is a Chinese girl. I know that she is not the person I am seeking. I see someone else farther up the steps - also dressed in blue. I start running up the stairs toward her.  

I finally end up sitting at a table with another person. A little crowd of people gathers around us and the topic of conversation turns to cell phones. In one hand, I am holding a round, silver, elegant phone. A powerful-appearing woman dressed in black starts to reach for this phone, but I pull my hand away. When someone wants to give me a phone number, in order to record the number, I ashamedly pull another little white phone out of my pocket and bemoan, "It's just a cheap little phone." I add something like, "My phone ... my good phone ... got wet."

I end up sitting in the front passenger seat of a car Another car edges its front up to the right side of our car and pushes us around until my window is right next to the front driver's window of the other car. I can see a thin man (around 30 years old) in the other car. Although my car is right beside his car, he is able to continue pushing us down the street. Through my open window, I say, "Hey, mother fucker! What do you think you're doing? Piece of shit."

I reach my right out my window and hit the closed window of the other car twice with the palm of my hand. 

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