Dream of: 07 July 2019 "Bed Bugs"

I end up with a specific female member of Dream Enthusiasts (a dream group to which I belong). She is probably in her early 40s. I feel attracted to her and I go with her to her home. We lie down together on the bed, but then she gets up and starts looking at the bed. She looks in the seams of the bed and finds bed bugs. I stand up and can also see the bugs. One looks almost like a humanoid, little, pale frog. It jumps off the bed toward me. Another bug looks like a tiny sowbug.

I know that this woman has been dating a specific, unsavory member of another dream-journaling site to which I used to belong. I also know immediately that these bugs came from that other unsavory character. The woman knows it, too.

I feel sorry for her. She is standing in front of me dressed only in a white robe. Obviously she is going to have to buy a new mattress. I do not think that she needs to do that right now, but I know we cannot stay here with these bugs. We have to leave and go somewhere else. I do not know where the woman is going to go, but suddenly I think she can come with me to my home, which is the Gay Street House (a house in Portsmouth, Ohio where my father lived from 1965 to 1997).

She seems vulnerable and hesitant, unsure whether she should go with me to my house. She wants to know if I have two bedrooms, and I tell her that I do. I can picture the two bedrooms in my mind. They are clean and have nice, big, firm beds in them. I am also sure that I do not have any bed bugs in my house. She finally decides to go with me. I think we need to measure the dimensions of her mattresss before we leave so that she will know what size to buy, but we do not measure the bed before leaving.

When we arrive at the Gay Street House, we walk up to the second floor, and find my father (1932-2016) there on one of the beds. He sits up on the side of the bed. I know that he is not going to be concerned about the woman being here with me because I have been seeing another woman whom he despises. He will be so happy to see that I am with someone else.

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