Dream of: 06 July 2019 "Geared To Secrecy"

I am in a big, modern house where I am living. A bunch of people whom I do not know are visiting. They seem to know my father (1932-2016) and seem to have something to do with my father's coal mine.

As I am sitting on a couch, I realize that a woman is pressed up against me on my left. She is probably in her thirties, and I feel as if I am about the same age as she. Apparently some women here are interested in me, and this woman talks about how good-looking I am, but I think to myself that that is not true.  She asks me what I think about her. I look at her and say, "You're beautiful."

She is thin and has black hair. She is gorgeous, but since she also has a couple children running around the place, I think she must be married. A light-skinned black man walks over to us, leans over us, and begins talking. Since the two children are both white, I do not think that this man is the father of the children. I ask the woman about the children, but I do not receive a clear answer from her about where the father is. He may be deceased - I am not sure.

After the woman stands and walks away, another woman (probably in her early 30s) steps up. She has blonde hair. She is wearing a top which exposes her midriff. She is not as attractive as the first woman, but she is still attractive. I like her looks. She flirts with me a little and I call her "Blondie."

After she walks away, I notice that two fellows have stepped up. One fellow (probably in his 30s) sits down next me and begins asking me questions. The second fellow then starts asking questions.

I end up sitting at a table on which the first fellow has placed a machine which is almost a meter tall and has a small, square screen (perhaps fifteen centimeters square) on which the fellow is able to project a black and white image of himself through which to communicate with me. I do not know how he is able to put his image on the screen, but I like it. I think sometimes I react better with people on a screen because I like to watch television.

Both fellows continue asking me questions. They begin asking me a bunch of very technical questions about something, but since I do not know what they are talking about, I have to ask them questions in return to try to understand what they are saying. They want to know the answers to three specific questions which seem very technical. Apparently they have discovered something, and they are trying to figure out who did something. I think they are talking about me, and I finally figure out that they are talking about something which happened at an industrial plant. I reflect that I would not know anything about that.

As we continue talking, I begin reflecting about how our society is geared to secrecy. People do not want other people to know what their business is. I begin to specifically think about the dream group to which I belong: Dream Enthusiasts. I feel sure that everyone in the group feels this way - that they would not want everyone to know their secrets. However, I think in a certain way that I am different from that because when I publish my dreams, in a sense, I am trying to reveal the secrets of who I am. I wonder if other people on Dream Enthusiasts feel that same way - that they go against the grain of secrecy which is embedded in us by society.

Commentary of 06 July 2019

I had not been thinking of this subject, but now that it has been brought up, I think that publishing dreams for me is a way of exorcising any secrets which I may have. I would like for my life to be an open book. The freedom of living without secrets seems exhilarating to me.

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