Dream of: 04 July 2019 (2) "Trip To Europe"

I am preparing to travel to Europe with a girl who is probably in her late teens. I am at the home of her father where the girl is preparing for the trip. I talk to the father who is probably in his late 30s. I do not have any kind of a relationship with this girl - I am simply going to be traveling with her.

Apparently the father is a preacher and right now he has a bunch of students here in the house. They are probably in their early teens. The father and I walk through a room where the students are. They are interested in the trip which I am going to take. One of them asks me if I have a plan and how I am planning to travel. I say, "When we get there, we'll just take it one day at a time."

I think we will just do what we want to do each day. Then we will do the same the next day. They seem interested, but I am impatient because I am ready to go. I know the girl is getting ready somewhere in the house, but she is not ready yet.

When she finally walks into the room where I am, she turns out to be Michelle. She is probably 18-19 years old. She is very pretty and I think I am going to enjoy traveling with her, but I want to get started. Our plane leaves in three hours, and we need an hour to reach the airport, so we do not have much time to waste. I am ready to go.

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