Dream of: 04 July 2019 "Disembodied Spirit"

I have boarded a space ship which is being prepared by my people. The ship is round inside with a tall conical ceiling. Everything is made of silver metal. I try to close the door by grabbing a metal latch on the bottom of the door. I have to pull several times before the latch takes hold. All the while, I am thinking that if I lock myself in this space ship, then the others will have to launch me off into space by myself.

I am thinking about what I want to do with my life, and what purpose my life has. I think I have some purpose, but I am not completely sure that being launched into space by myself is my purpose in life. 

I keep looking around, but no one else is in here. In one section, however, I seem to see a wavy motion in the air, and I have the feeling that a disembodied spirit is in here with me. I turn toward the spot, point my finger at it, and say, "Who are you?"

As if talking to a child, I say, "Tell me who you are."

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