Dream of: 03 July 2019 (2) "Mystical Robber"

I am in the lobby of a movie theater which seems to be in another country. I do not have a ticket, but as people are walking inside, I step inside the door to the actual theater. The theater is crowded, but I see a row of seats against the back wall directly to my left. I sit down in one of the seats. Another man steps up and sits down right beside me on my left. He is crowding me and I do not like his sitting next to me. I notice that the man has a cover, and I see some other people in here with covers. Then I realize that I also have a cover. I did not even know that I had brought a cover with me. I somehow let the man know that I do not want him sitting next to me. He stands up and moves on down a couple seats.

I am having trouble with something when another man (around 30 years old) walks up and sits right in front of me on the other side of a little table which is in front of me. He starts talking to me and continues talking for a while until I notice that his clothes have somehow changed so that he now appears to be wearing a pale blue doctor's smock. I ask him if he is a doctor and he says he is.

As he keeps talking, he seems somewhat mystical to me. I enjoy talking with him. He talks about something which he says he learned in India. In fact, he has dark skin and looks as if he may be Indian. I ask him if he has traveled much and he rattles off the names of some countries which he says he has visited. I ask him if he has a Facebook account and he says that he does not. As he prepares to leave, I regretfully think that I may never see him again. I am disappointed because I feel attached to him, and I would like to get to know him. I think maybe we could write to each other.

He leaves. I then stand up and walk into another room. Suddenly I start thinking there was something about the man which made me suspicious. I know that I am traveling here and that I have a wad of money in a pocket on my pants leg. I think I have around $850. I pull out the wad and see that about $300 is missing. I am positive I had the money before I started talking to the man, so I know that he somehow reached into my pocket and took it. I think it is curious that he only took some of my money and not all of it, but I am sure that he took some of it.

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