Dream of: 02 July 2019 "Twisted And Distorted Face"

I am with my mother (probably in her 50s) in a cottage in which she is living somewhere out in the country. While my mother (1931-2014) and I are sitting in the front room and talking, a car pulls up in front of the house. My mother and I walk out onto the front porch just as a woman (probably in her 50s) climbs out of the car's driver's seat. My mother recognizes the woman and calls her "Nan." I think that I also recognize her as a friend of my mother's whom I have not seen in a long time.

A family of four or five people climb out of the car and enter the house. Although I do not know them, they sit down in the front room and talk. Apparently they are friends of my mother. I watch one fellow as he walks into the kitchen, but I an unable to see his face. Since I am aware that I have a large porcelain jar filled with coins in the kitchen, I do not want people to simply walk in there and look around. When the fellow finally walks out of the kitchen, I am able to see his face, which looks twisted and distorted. I cannot tell who he is, not even whether he is a man or woman.

Everyone migrates out to the front porch. A pretty, black-haired girl (probably in her late teens) is among the assemblage. She mentions that she has been accepted to go to Yale. That surprises me because I know these are only country people here, and I ask her if she can afford something like that. I am thinking to myself that I have heard that such an education would cost in the range of $30, 000 a year. She says she can afford it, but from her expression, I intuit that she is now wondering herself whether she can afford to go to Yale. I know that we are in the summer season, and figuring that the girl must be a senior in high school, I ask her if she is going to Yale this fall. At first she indicates that she is, but then she begins to seem uncertain.

After people talk for a while, I start looking for my phone. When I see it lying on a step, I pick it up and then walk into the front yard. When I turn around and look back toward the house, I see eight or nine people standing in a row and facing me on the front porch. They are short and tall, and all are dressed in colorful clothing. They appear to be dancing. I want to quickly take a picture of them before they stop dancing.

As I take the pictures, I notice a forested area to my right and I think I see someone standing over there among the trees. When I look at one of the pictures which I took, I see someone with a blue hood standing among the trees in the picture. I cannot see the person's face at first, but finally, when he turns toward me, I clearly see the face of a blond-haired, teenage male standing among the trees. I think this is very strange that someone is standing in the woods and observing what is transpiring here, but I think that I at least have the picture of the person's face if I need it later.

I think I already have other pictures on my computer which I have downloaded from my phone, but which I have not yet added to my regular picture files. I think I have one file which is called "Gallipolis," but I am not exactly sure where the pictures are located on my computer. I think the pictures might be in a file entitled "downloaded pictures." I think I need to look through the pictures in that file.

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