Dream of: 29 June 2019 (2) "Smashed Red Car"

While riding in a car, I see an accident on the corner of Twelfth and Offnere Streets in Portsmouth, Ohio near the auto sales lot at that intersection. I stop my car, climb out, and see that a red car has crashed into a semi-truck. The truck does not appear to be damaged, but the front, right side of the car is smashed.

No one is here except for one slender, black-haired, female police officer (probably in her mid 30s) who is walking around and investigating the accident. When I ask her if anyone was injured, she curtly responds, "No," as if I should not even be here.

After a second female police officer shows up, the two officers look around until they find something in the car which I think may be marijuana. Apparently the house of the person who wrecked is right here beside the wreck. The two police officers walk into the house. When they walk back out, one of them is carrying a rectangular piece of something about a couple centimeters long and wrapped in aluminum foil. The way the officers are talking, it sounds as if they think that the substance is hash.

I finally realize that the car and the house belong to Laura (whom I first met in 1964 when we were in the sixth grade together). I realize that I may also be in possession of a small amount of marijuana - either on me or in my car. I do not want to have problems here myself. Nevertheless I continue to remain here and watch. I wonder if I should try to contact Laura and tell her what is transpiring here. I realize, however, if the police have already found the substance, it is too late to warn Laura about it. I probably need to leave myself.

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