Dream of: 29 June 2019 "Threatened By A Wolf"

I have been working and repairing the badly dilapidated - the white paint is peeling - outside door of the Gay Street House (a huge Victorian style house in Portsmouth, Ohio which was home to my father from 1964 to 1997). The door leads to a middle room and abuts the sidewalk on the Gay Street side of the House.

The House does not seem to be in its habitual location near downtown Portsmouth, but seems to be sitting in an isolated country area surrounded by green fields, somewhat like the old Gallia County Farmhouse. When I look in the yard next to the House, I see perhaps 30-40 animals - the size of sheep or wolves - gathered in the nearby field. I am unsure of the species of the animals, but I feel sure that at least ten of them are wolves (almost as small as coyotes) with patchy black and gray fur.

As the wolves become bolder and bolder, one fairly large, dominant-looking wolf steps up within a couple meters of me and threatens me. I can clearly see the wolf's beady eyes set in its furry face and focusing in on me and I definitely feel threatened. I am unsure whether this wolf is the leader of the pack, but I think if I am attacked, this wolf, especially with the help of the other wolves, may be able to kill me. If I just had a big stick with which to fend off the wolf, I could probably repel it.

I back up toward the door. I do not have the key to enter the House through the door, but it seems as if the wolves do not bother me if I stay close to the door, so I warily try to stay near the House and away from the wolves. I think if I just had a big stick with which to fend off the wolf which is threatening me, I could probably repel it. I do not think the wolves would come close to me if I had a stick.

Suddenly, I see all the animals turn their heads toward the field behind them. There, on the other side of a one- or two-strand wire fence, my father (1932-2016) is running across the field toward the House, the animals, and me. Probably in his 40s, he is wearing a light-blue jump suit. I immediately worry that if the pack of wolves attacks him, they will kill him. Thinking I must warn him, I holler out, "No! Dad! Go back!"

Commentary of 20 June 2019

 As some of you know, I follow the theory that some internet dream writers can communicate with each other through messages contained in their written dreams. I think the following dream which I had last night contains a message of warning for Dream Enthusiasts. "The threatening wolf" in this dream represents "a catfish on Dream Enthusiasts."

I am sure that a catfish has entered the Dream Enthusiasts-school. I have mixed feelings about the presence of the catfish, but I think everyone should at least be aware that indeed a catfish now swims among the dream enthusiasts. I do not think, however, that the catfish seems so dangerous once one is aware of its existence.

So I would like to make one thing clear: I have not asked for the expulsion of the catfish. Although dangerous, this particular catfish is almost like the only member of a unique species, and interesting to observe once one knows what one is contemplating. If it has not already swum away on its own accord, it does not need to be expelled at the moment. But it may be too late: my wild penchant toward focusing on the truth may have already scared it off - at least from open visibility. Yet one way or the other, it will continue to watch. So be it. 

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