Dream of: 24 June 2019 "Notice Of Appointment"

I am in an unfamiliar court house where I have never been before. I have been appointed to represent a man in a felony case of some sort. After I see what appears to be a courtroom, I suddenly remember that I did not bring the notice of my appointment with me. I do not even know the name of the man whom I am representing.

It is almost nine o'clock and I think the case is scheduled to begin at nine. Only a few minutes remain until the case begins. A couple other lawyers are in the hallway in front of the courtroom. While I stand waiting a couple meters from them, I pull out a pen with blue ink, and start marking a beige section of the tile-like wall which I think should be colored blue. I try to completely cover a small area of perhaps a dozen centimeters in length, when the pen starts making deep, dark marks such as a felt marker might make, and I cover a wider space with my marks, but more spread out, and not so close together. I suddenly realize that I have made a mistake and am covering too much area. Now I need to mark over this entire area and make it blue. I know I have created a mess.  

I walk into an office which appears to be beside the courtroom as I try to figure out how to handle this court matter without even knowing the name of my client. When I see a counter with a woman (around 50 years old) on the other side, I think that she may be the clerk and I walk over to her. I tell her that I have been appointed attorney and that I need the information on the case. I tell her my name. When she looks up my name, she also finds the name of the man whom I have been appointed to represent. When she politely and helpfully provides the name to me, I think at least I now have the man's name. I then ask the woman if there is a file on the case. She says, "Yes," walks away, and disappears for a little while. I think something like, "Well, now I will find out something about the case anyway."

The woman finally returns to the counter, and I start talking with her again, but I soon realize that this woman is a different woman, and that I have started talking with the wrong woman. When the first woman finally reappears, I reflect that the two women look much alike, but that the first woman is wearing a pink-flowery dress, while the second woman is wearing a dark blue dress.

The first woman says that she cannot find the file - which seems unusual - but that she will have the file tomorrow. She also reports that the judge is also not here today, but that he will be here tomorrow. Even if I do not have the file, I am relieved to know that the judge is not here today. Now I can better prepare the case. I am not even sure what the case is about. I finally prepare to leave and return tomorrow. The woman says something about this case costing $500 to process.

I am just passing through this town where the courthouse is located. I spent the night here, and somehow I have been appointed in this felony case. It seems as if I may be in Indiana. I reflect that I rather enjoy this kind of work. If I were going to do this kind of work, I think I might like to do it in Fort Worth. I always liked Fort Worth. 

Commentary of 25 June 2017

The "few remaining minutes before the case begins" in this dream represent the "short time which is still left to me before I die." "The man" who is my client represents "my eternal soul." The first "woman behind the counter" reminds me of a "woman on a dream group to which I belong," in that she is polite and helpful. I think a key to this dream is the phrase, "I am not even sure what the case is about." I often feel that I do not know what my life is about, but I do think that "being a lawyer" in this dream is a metaphor for "being a dream writer" in real life. I publish my dreams to save my soul. I was wondering why I publish them - and now I know.

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