Dream of: 23 June 2019 "Carved Angels In The Basement"

I am with my father (probably in his 40s) and some other people probably somewhere in the southern United States. We are in a building which appears to have been a school - perhaps an art school - at one time. Outside, a wildfire is approaching the building. The building is being cleared out, and we are busy removing things from the building. We have already filled up the car we are in so that hardly any room is left for anything else, although I am still interested in some of the items which remain in the building.

I walk down into the basement, look around, and see what appear to be large, old cardboard boxes - over a meter tall - with colorful pictures of people on the sides which almost look like movie posters from the 50s or 60s, but I cannot identify the pictures as actually being movie posters.

I see a couple paintings. One is leaning against a wall. They look as if they are copies of original paintings and as if they were painted by students. swere created by students.

Toward the rear of the basement is a wall which is covered by something which resembles an altar piece from a church. Intricate designs are carved on flat wood. In the lower left corner of the piece are the carvings of two angels which are almost as tall as I. The rest of the carving towers above and to the side of the angels which each have white wings which extend from their shoulders down their sides to their ankles. I stare at the carvings and think that I would really like to take those with me, but I do not know how I will be able to fit them into the car - we already have so much stuff.

My father walks down to the basement and tries to hasten me along. He understands that I would like to take more things, but he insists that we need to leave because the fire is approaching ever closer, and the car is already loaded down. I tell him that I do not have to load the angels in the car right now, but I would at least like to take them out of the basement and somehow save them. I would like to find someplace where I could put them and come back for them later. In actuality, however, I do not know how I am going to come back since we are so far away from where we are going. Returning here will be difficult.

My father leaves the basement. Everyone else is upstairs. It is now completely dark down here. Using a little light which I have, I start climbing the stairs. I know that I have to leave, but I really want to save the angels.

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