Dream of: 22 June 2019 "Video Connection With Dreamers"

I am thinking about the possibility of a video connection with other members of the Dream Enthusiasts group to which I belong. I seem to recall that Laura, who runs the group, has already had such a connection once, but for some reason, she did not continue it. I think of the possibilities of several members of the group taking part in the connection at the same time. I am not sure how such a connection with several people would work since I have never done that before myself, but I am thinking that several people could be participating at the same time, and somehow each person would be able to see and talk with all the other participants.

Although it seems as if Laura did this once before, I think perhaps it did not work out, because she never did it again. So I think perhaps no one would want to do something like that. Apparently, however, at least Laura wanted to have the video connection, so I think even if no one else wanted to do it, and even if only Laura and I participated in a video connection, it might prove to be interesting and worth while.

Commentary of 22 June 2019

I love dreaming about other dream journalists. In truth, I think my main motive for being involved with other dream journalists is so I can dream about them.

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