Dream of: 17 June 2019 (2) "Publishing Dreams"

As I am looking at my computer screen, I suddenly realize that I am looking at a dream sharing website where I used to post dreams, and I see that I have somehow published six dreams there, one right after the other. The dreams are printed in blue on a white background. I know that I had not intended for my dreams to be published on this old site, but I see that somehow my dreams have appeared there. I do not know how this has happened.

I see that my new user name on the old site is apparently "Priest." I do not remember ever using the word "Priest" as a user name, but there the name is, right in front of me.

I am unsure what the six dreams are about, but I know they are recent dreams which I had posted elsewhere online. I recall that these six dreams were not particularly interesting, and I recall that two of the dreams had some slight sexual innuendo. I think if I were going to publish dreams on this website, I would have rather published more interesting dreams than these.

Surprisingly, someone has even written a comment on the last dream which was posted. Then I see that comments have also been posted by the same person on the two previous dreams. I do not read the comments because I am still so mystified that my dreams are even posted here.

I know that a long time ago I was unjustly "temporarily suspended" without explanation from this website by the owner, and that I then decided to not publish there anymore. I wonder if the owner has lifted the suspension, and I begin to wonder if this website may be a second version of the old website. Maybe there are now two websites with the same name and I am not temporarily suspended on this site.

I do not think my dreams will be published on this website for long because I know that one unhappy fellow in particular on this website objects to my being a member. He will see my dreams and immediately inform the owner that my dreams have been posted here. The owner will probably then take the dreams down. I also think about another senile member who will also object to seeing my dreams here. For the present, however, I am simply going to leave my dreams here. I had not thought that I would ever want to publish on this website again, but now I think it may be interesting.

I know that I presently post some of my dreams on a new website. I reflect that I have previously wondered why so many members on the new website where I presently post my dreams seem to shun the old website and do not publish their dreams there. I have never quite understood that.

I think about Mairita (an internet dream journalist). I know that she posts her dreams on the old site, and that she also sometimes publishes dreams on the new site. So I think it is possible to publish dreams on two different sites at the same time. I think publishing on two different sites may be interesting, but I do not think my publishing on both sites will last. Nevertheless, I decide to leave my dreams here on the old site for the moment just to see what happens.

Finally, I almost see the person who has already commented on three of my dreams. She is a woman (probably in her 20s). I do not actually see her, but I know she is here with me. Some other people also seem to be present - as if we are playing a game of cards together, and using our dreams as cards. I am ready to start playing. Ready to deal the cards, I say, "All right. If you're ready, let's go. I'm gonna pump it to you."

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