Dream of: 17 June 2019 "Aeneas In The Underworld"

I am in a large room with many other people. While smoking a big, fat cigar, I say something about, "Aeneas going to the underworld."

I am not completely sure, but I seem to be using Aeneas as a metaphor for myself and something that I am presently doing. Some people seem to understand, some do not. At the same time, I am trying to understand myself why I am using this metaphor. It seems that an orange is also involved in my thoughts.

A few people hear me and seem to wonder why I am talking about Aeneas, but no one seems to pay much attention. Some people seem to catch on that I am talking about something, but they are unsure what I am talking about. When one woman says that I can talk like that if I want to. I say, "It's more than that - I have to."

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