Dream of: 16 June 2019 (2) "Woman Cleaning House"

I have met a gorgeous, young, blonde woman (probably in her early 20s) with a perfect figure. I have been thinking about approaching her for physical contact, but she is so beautiful, I do not think she would be interested in me.

She is presently cleaning the house - sweeping and working. I notice that she is wearing a skirt, and when she bends over, she hikes the skirt all the way up over the top of her butt, which I can clearly see. She does appear to be wearing panties.

She stands up right in front of me. She is wearing a tank-top which she pulls down so far, it looks as if her voluptuous, naked breasts are going to pop out so that I will be able to see them. I wonder if I should simply reach out and squeeze her breasts. I have a vision of my actually clutching her breasts. It appears that she actually would be willing to have sex with me.

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