Dream of: 16 June 2019 "Hidden Rooms"

I show up at my old home on Summerdale Drive in Hurst, Texas. I am here to see my ex-wife, Carolina. I have an erection and I want to have sex with her. She invites me into the front room where I see another fellow who apparently lives here with her. Both Carolina and the fellow are probably in their late 30s. The fellow is preparing to leave to go to work. His unusual, silver attire looks metalic, and I have the impression that he works on machines or something like that. I wonder if he thinks it is strange that I am showing up here to see Carolina. I know that I have not see her in a long time. He does not seem to have a problem with my being here, and he finally leaves.

Carolina and I also have to go somewhere together, but I want to have sex before we leave. I am concerned, however, that the fellow might return. I know that three little rooms are connected to a small attic in the house. I do not think that Carolina even knows about the rooms. I think that Carolina and I can go into one of those hidden rooms and have sex. I lead her to the attic and show her where the three little rooms are. I still have an erection but I do not know how long it is going to last if we do not do something soon. I am ready to begin.

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