Dream of: 14 June 2019 "Visiting New York"

I am walking the streets of New York City which I am visiting. I started out with a woman whom I cared about, but after a disagreement, we separated. Now I already miss her. I am amazed that thousands and thousands of people are walking in the street. So many people are crowded around me, I almost feel invisible among this incredible number. Many women seem dressed the same in sweaters and slacks. They look as if they may be in their 30s. They are slim and have shapely figures.

I continue walking, but soon it seems as if I am in a vehicle on a road, even though I am actually still walking. A man and a woman who are friends of mine and are also visitors are now with me.

We continue moving until we reach a section of town which is practically devoid of people, even though we are still surrounded by buildings. I stop, as if I am stopping a vehicle, even though we are still walking. I look around and see that we are in a sort of valley, with the road rising in front of us and behind us. I only see two or three people, and they are black. I tell the others that we are in a bad part of town and that we need to move on.

We ascend the road in front, and suddenly I see that we are atop a huge mound of rubble. I look around and see rubble all over the place and the skeletons of buildings which have been torn down. I feel lost and do not know exactly where I am, until I remember having heard about a vast section in New York City where every single building is being torn down so that the area can be rebuilt. I point out one tall building in front of us and say that is one of the new ones which is being built.

I now know how to return to where we started. We simply have to go in a certain direction, and then turn to reach the downtown area. I point this out to the other two, and I say, "I know where we are now."

Before we leave, however, I would like to get a better view of this demolition area. I want to see just how high we are on this pile of rubble. I creep over to the edge of the rubble - which consists mostly of huge, white rocks from a demolished building, and when I reach the edge, I see that we are quite high and that we have quite a vista. This demolition area, however, seems dangerous and I know we need to leave. I am surprised that we have even been able to come this far.

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