Dream of: 04 June 2019 "Se Lo Olvide"

I am in the front passenger seat of a car being driven by a woman who is probably in her late 20s (who seems to have traits of both my friend Michelle and my ex-wife Carolina). We are in Columbus, Ohio. I am unsure exactly why we are here, but I finally conclude that the woman wants to see a man here whom she recently met, but barely knows. I think she wants to have sex with the fellow. I become enveloped with jealousy and I furiously scream at her several times something like, "You want to fuck this guy?"

She does not answer at first, but finally she says, "Yes."

As she drives down a little side street with grass and weeds growing high on both sides, and no buildings, she becomes distracted and does not see a man and a woman who are in the road in front of us. She hits both of them with the car and I seem to feel the car run over at least one of the bodies. She still does not seem to realize what she has done, but she stops the car, then backs up. It feels as if we again run over the bodies.

After she stops the car, I climb out with intense apprehension. I sense that this could be disastrous and I even reflect that I could lose my law license because of this. I cannot imagine that we can escape from this mess without serious consequences.

I look around and see the woman, but I do not see the man. The woman has black hair, looks Hispanic, and is probably around 30 years old. She is standing and brushing herself off. She is wearing a red skirt and a white blouse. At first she looks injured, but then appears to be uninjured and looks as if she is simply going to walk away. This just seems to good to be true - that we could be facing catastrophe, that the woman would just walk away as if nothing happened, and that the man would simply disappear. I cannot believe this is happening, but apparently it is true.

I look around for the man. In the brief instant before we hit him, he had looked older than the woman, perhaps around 40 years old. I look on the road, on the side of the road, and all around, but the man is nowhere to be seen. I now see a few buildings nearby, and a person or two near the buildings, but I do not see the man anywhere. I am befuddled, but I am beginning to think that he also was uninjured and has walked away.

This whole affair may not be the total disaster that it first appeared to be. I am beginning to think that everything is going to be alright and that we are not going to suffer any consequences. I immediately think that I need to remember everything that happened here. I need to write everything down to have a written record of it. It is beginning to seem like a dream which I need to record. Just as I am ready to start writing, I see a table in front of me with a large magazine like an old Life or Look propped up so I can see the cover on which are the photographs of four people - two at the top and tow at the bottom. I recognize the lower right photograph as being of Ho Chi Minh. I definitely want to write that down. I think this will be the last piece of information I will record about this event.

Then, however, I distinctly hear a voice behind me which I think belongs to the man who was hit by the car. He clearly says, "Se lo olvide."

I know he is saying in Spanish, "Forget about it," and that he is telling me to just forget about the accident. I write down the words which I know will be the last information about this episode.

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