Dream of: 01 June 2019 "Trip To Texas"

I am in a house which seems like the Logan Street House (a cottage in Portsmouth, Ohio where my mother lived from 1971 to 1977) except that this house has two stories instead of one. My mother (1931-2014) is here in the house with me, and we are preparing to travel together to Texas. I am rather surprised that she is going to accompany me since I had not planned on her going with me, but she is going to go.

I receive a phone call and I start talking on the phone with a woman. She is a bill collector and she starts talking about three bills which I have from a doctor. I remember the bills and I thought I had paid at least one which I remember was $59. I seem to even remember being in the doctor's office and paying the bill in cash, but I am unsure that I have the receipt. I am unsure, but I think the doctor's name might be "Epstein." I at least feel sure that the last three letters of his name are "ein." When I ask the woman about the bills, she becomes a bit snippy and says something like, "Well, if you're not going to pay ... " I do intend to pay, but I do not want to be bothered with this right now. I continue talking until I realize that the woman is no longer on the phone.

I walk upstairs to my room where I find my father (1932-2016) sitting at a desk. He is also going to go to Texas with us. I had not planned on his going. He is in my way at the desk because I need some things which are on the desk. I want to get ready and leave. I notice a check which is lying on the desk and which is made out to my father.

My mother walks into the room. She is carrying some clothes and she complains that I have not picked up my clothes which are lying around on the floor.

It is almost time to leave. I think we still have three and a half hours before we need to depart. It seems as if it is one thirty and that we are going to leave around five. Or it might be twelve thirty and we are going to leave around four. We still have plenty of time for me to finish doing everything, but I know I need to start preparing. I have been delaying and putting off everything until the last minute. I need to start putting things together.

Commentary of 04 June 2019

Putting off death as long as I can, but I know I need to prepare.

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