Dream of: 30 May 2019 "Cast Out The Devil"

It is as if I am in a somber, obscure, underground chamber where people are walking in a circle around me. Some of the people are apparently possessed by the devil, and some are not. I yell out, "Cast out the devil!"

One portly man in opulent, middle-age garb walks by and several times he deftly jerks his finger horizontally toward me as if he is slinging a liquid at me from the tip of his finger - only nothing comes out. I know that he is trying to put a curse on me. Although he looks powerful, I am not afraid of him. I know he is an agent of the devil. I repeat over and over, "Cast out the devil. Cast out the devil." 

Another man dressed all in white is seated beyond the circle. I recognize him as a high functionary of the church. He is watching me, but finally he stands up and walks away. I think he is going somewhere to make a report about me. I am likewise unconcerned about him. I am simply going about my business here. 

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